Luxury Candle Library

35g x 12 | £120.00

The Luxury Candle Library houses twelve stylish votive candles all infused with a different signature scent. Each iconic fragrance is born from stories of moods and memories, brought to life through contemporary blends of flowers, fruits, resins and woody aromas. Curate your own scented story by selecting interior fragrance to uplift, change, or refresh you and your home.

Made from the finest materials and using traditional techniques, these 12 scented candles are hand poured in England by skilled artisans. The perfect blend of fragrance, natural soy wax and the 100% cotton wick, ensures every candle will burn for 15 hours and infuse rooms with luxurious scent.

12 x 35g Candles

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Remembering all the childhood fun of gathering juicy blackberries from English hedgerows, Bay Berry will infuse your mood with a cheeky wink. This playful and inviting scent balances blackberry, cassis and plum with grapefruit, sandalwood and caramel.


Inspired by an early memory of mixing fragrant blossoms in water-filled jars, Cherry Blossom encourages a creative mood with its soothing and balancing character. This pure and elegant scent layers cherry blossom, muguet and jasmine with grapefruit, pink melon and apple.


Go island hopping in the Indian Ocean with this memory of sparkling seas, white sands and palms that will bring adventure to your mood. This stylish scent blends coconut, lime, mandarin, coriander and mint with jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood. 


This fun-beneath-fig-trees fragrance imagines a plump-purple picnic shaded from Mediterranean sun. When in need of a jolt of optimism, Fig Tree will brighten your mood with its fresh and reviving notes of leafy fig combined with coconut, violet, orris and cedarwood.


Revisit the herbary in this recollection of summer, brought to life through gentle aromatic wafts that encourage a calm and contented mood. This soothing and clean scent layers green lavender with lemon balm, spearmint, sage, orris and white musk.


Discover the scented memory of orchid hunting in Tokyo, finding exotic blooms nestled high in cedars along temple trails. This daringly dark aroma with a mood that’s both inspiring and dreamy, melds orchid and lily with coffee, pink pepper, nutmeg, patchouli and cedarwood.


Take a trip to the Middle East through this rich scent that recalls a mysterious and magical place. Oudh Geranium’s soulful trail promotes a meditative mood. This majestic fragrance adds geranium, praline, rose, amber and vetiver to the precious aroma of Oudh.


Bathe the senses in the aromatic memory of an arboretum and delight in the presence of sunlit, majestic trees. Red Cedar will infuse your mood with a bright, breezy touch. This restorative and embracing scent mixes cedarwood, guaiacwood and pine with patchouli, frankincense and coriander.


Drift into this comforting memory of feeling as if you’re at home sweet home. This meditative and calming scent can change your mood to one more settled, providing an instant happy-place. Aromas of smoked leather, soft suede and saffron combine with amber, cedarwood and vetiver.


This mesmerising memory of India, recalls the sultry scent of heady white flowers drifting from hanging garlands. Opulent and exquisite, this fragrance will elevate your mood with its blend of tuberose, honeysuckle, carnation, bergamot and sandalwood.


Remembering an English countryside wedding, with peonies worn as beautiful crowns and the most glamorous boutonnieres, Velvet Peony will embellish your mood with loveliness. This seductive and romantic scent weaves peony and rose with peach, raspberry and amberwood.


A sparkling fragrance that relives the moment of sipping zingy citrus tea, Verbena Leaves will transform any mood with its sunny disposition. This refreshing and revitalising scent underscores verbena with mandarin, lime, cedar and patchouli.

+ Burn Time

Approx. 15 Hours

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