Candles have existed for over 5000 years, illuminating and scenting the air with their flickering flames. Creating these beacons of light remains a craft not a science. The right balance of ingredients must be stirred with love, although not palpable, we believe it resonates in the end product.

Urban Apothecary candles are carefully crafted at our own candle factory in Leicestershire, England. The team of expert artisans cast their watchful eyes over every stage of proceedings. Each and every candle is made to a secret recipe, a precise blend of high quantities of fragrance with wax and wick. Together this trio of specialists, once in perfect harmony, ensure the finished piece burns slowly and evenly while delivering a rich release of scent.

We take a natural approach where possible. That's why we chose soy wax and cotton wicks from the very beginning. Soy wax also provides a great fragrance ‘throw’, infusing the air with trails of delicious scent quickly and consistently. Even though we quickly established the type of wick, thousands were reviewed and just the best selected. With each different fragrance a new match must be found, so that every individual candle reaches its potential.

The entire production process is labour intensive and begins with our artisans stirring the hot wax with the fragrance oil for an even distribution. The resulting mixture is hand-poured into waiting candle jars with wicks already attached in the base.

As the cooling process starts, only at the exact moment can the wicks be checked and straightened. Then, after precisely placing labels and polishing the candle’s glass jar, there’s a final inspection of all details. Only when everything is flawless will our labour of love begin its journey to you, perfectly ready to infuse rooms with mesmerising, luxurious scent.



We asked our skilled team of artisans to create a few key tips on how to get the best experience every time you enjoy your candle. Here we share this expert knowledge with you.

Our wicks have been specially selected and prepared so that on lighting, the ensuing flame is just the right size to create a melting wax pool that will reach the edge of the jar. On the first use of your candle, burn for as long as it takes for the wax to melt across the entire surface. It is advisable to repeat this process every time you light the candle, as this will ensure the candle wax will burn down the candle evenly, and will help prevent unnecessary tunneling.

After extinguishing the flame, when the wick is cool to the touch, if necessary centre and straighten the wick to help with an even burn on the next use. As the wax pool cools and begins to set, remove any matches or other debris that may have fallen in. This will prevent flaring and formation of secondary wicks on the next lighting.

Finally, trim the wick to 5 millimetres after every use. This is the correct height to create the perfect size of flame for both an even burn and to help avoid wisps of smoke occurring in the future.



There is a natural beauty in candlelight, the flickering of the flame in a dimly lit room creates a calm and cosy ambience. To respect the splendour of one of nature’s lively elements, some straightforward precautions can be taken.

Always place your candle in a safe area on a heat proof, non-flammable surface where it can be seen, enjoyed, and never left unattended. Check that the area around your candle is clear, with nothing in close proximity that could catch fire, and away from drafts that could distress the flame. If you have children or pets, place the candle far out of reach.

When creating a multiple display, leave a safe distance of at least 10 centimetres between every candle. This allows each one its own defined space that won’t be influenced by the heat of another.

Do not attempt to move or tip a burning candle, always extinguish the flame first and allow some time for it to cool. Use a suitable snuffer, this is the only method that decisively puts out the candle. It is dangerous to blow out the flame or to use liquid, both of these methods must be avoided. Once the candle is safely extinguished, wait until the wax is hard and the jar is cool before touching or moving.

Smoke around the top of the glass is not uncommon.  There is always going to be a little soot left on you glass especially if your candle is burning for a long time.  You can use a damp cloth to clean the glass.

Please recycle your glass after use.