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Our debut perfume collection blends flowers, fruits, resins and woods in unconventional, contemporary ways. Each eau de parfum, inspired by a mood and memory, will scent the skin with a stylish, lingering aroma.

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Coconut Grove Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

A stylish, sunshine scent that will bring adventure to your mood.

Oudh Geranium Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

This luxurious aroma that’s rich and mysterious, promotes a meditative mood. 

Oriental Noir Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

A striking floral fragrance bringing drama, flair and dreaminess to your mood.

Fig Tree Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

This ultimate revitalising aroma will instantly pep-talk your mood.

Green Lavender Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

This fresh and clean, modern lavender aroma encourages a take-it-easy mood.

Smoked Leather Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

Feeling both cosy and chic, this addictive, elegant, leathery aroma brings comfort and relaxation to your mood.

Velvet Peony Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

This luscious floral aroma will embellish the senses with loveliness and bring you back to feeling like you.

Cherry Blossom Signature Eau de Parfum

£50.00 - 50ml

This enticing flower water aroma will lift and gently balance your mood.

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