The Craft of Diffusers

Our diffusers are crafted by artisans, in our candle factory in Leicestershire, England. Each exquisite interior fragrance is housed within a glass apothecary-style diffuser and will continuously pervade the air with a statement scent.

The black diffuser reeds have been selected to work perfectly with the rich fragrance oil blend and the natural glycerin base. We like to use natural materials wherever possible, and chose glycerin because it’s a renewable source. Alongside being kind to the environment, glycerin supports and helps deliver the fragrance aroma while not impacting the scent itself.

Enjoy a stylish diffuser that decorates the home while steadily infusing scent throughout interiors for up to twelve weeks. Either a fragrance zone will be created in a larger space, or in smaller rooms, a lightly lingering scent will drift from wall to wall.

When your diffuser fragrance is at an end, you can keep the glass diffuser bottle and start fresh by topping up with one of our fragrance refills. All our diffuser refill fragrances come with six new black reeds. 



Diffuser Experience

We asked our artisans to share their advice on how to get the best experience from every diffuser:

Here’s what our experts say:

As soon as the black reeds are placed into the fragrance oil, they’ll slowly absorb it until they are fully saturated. At this point, they will start to release the aroma and begin to fill the room with scent. 

After a week or so of enjoying this full diffusion, if you want to increase the intensity or refresh the scent, carefully remove the reeds from the fragrance oil and turn them upside down, so that the previously soaked ends are exposed to the air. Use a paper towel to prevent your hands from touching the oil and a cloth to protect surfaces from any oil drops. 

You can increase the fragrance diffusion by turning the reeds on a regular basis, if you want optimum levels, we suggest turning once a week.

The lifespan of the fragrance oil will vary depending on the surrounding environmental conditions. To help prolong and keep the scent fresh and enticing, keep your diffuser away from sources of heat and do not place in direct sunlight.

Diffuser Safety

Part of the beauty of a diffuser is that it can be left unattended for long periods of time and doesn’t need much attention to perform perfectly. If used only as directed, diffusers can be safely enjoyed in the home.

Remember that the fragrance oil is a flammable liquid, so keep it away from sources of ignition and never attempt to light the reeds.

Consider where you first set up your diffuser, do not place it directly on delicate surfaces, such as those that are varnished or plastic, or ones that may become damaged by fragrance oil spills. Make sure the diffuser is out of reach of children and pets.

Also, be careful while you’re handling the fragrance oil to avoid any contact with the skin or eyes. Should fragrance oil touch the skin, wash quickly with plenty of soap and water. If a skin irritation or rash occurs, seek medical attention. If fragrance oil is swallowed, immediately seek medical advice and share the information shown on the product packaging.

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