Scent Journey

  • Almond Macaron
  • Bay Berry
  • Black Viper
  • Blue Sage
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Coconut Grove
  • Damson Brûlée
  • Fig Tree
  • Frangipane Crème
  • Green Lavender
  • Lavender Flower
  • Lemon Curd
  • Mandarin Glacé
  • Notorious Neroli
  • Oriental Noir
  • Oudh Geranium
  • Phoenix Rising
  • Red Cedar
  • Rose Voile
  • Smoked Leather
  • Tuberose Petals
  • Velvet Peony
  • Verbena Leaves
  • Vine Tomato
  • White Tea
  • Wild Berry


Fresh, clean, zesty and sparkling, our fragrances with a citrus scent style are effervescent, lively, playful and fun. The aromas of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, mandarin and bergamot have an effortless elegance that appeals to all.


Plump juicy berries, ripe orchard fruits and those more tropical, all feature in our fruity fragrances that are bursting with freshness. Our fruity scent styles vary from light and watery, like sliced melon, to the intense juicy aroma of succulent peaches, plums and figs.


A powdery scent style feels a little dry, soft and sensuous, often likened to a vintage face powder or baby powder. These types of aromas are clean and comforting as well as chic and elegant. Rose, vanilla, amber, orris and white musk can all have a light powderiness to them.


Woody notes are often used to give fragrances staying power, while bringing warmth. While we do use woods like this, we also celebrate them more prominently. Find creamy sandalwood, fresh cedarwood, smoky guaiacwood and rich oudh wood, alongside earthy patchouli and vetiver notes which also have a woody tone.


To us, ‘marine’ means the aroma arising from softly lapping seas and ocean breezes, watery tones with musky-salty hints that are invitingly fresh. You’ll also find fragrances inspired by what the world smells like after rain, or morning dew, included in this scent style.


This is the scent style for those that love fresh blooms and flower garlands. Discover our fragrances made from the aromas of forest flora like lily of the valley and violet, favourites such as rose, jasmine and geranium, plus the more exotic petal scents from orchid and tuberose.


Just like adding spices when cooking to accent and give other ingredients a zing, they can be added to the fragrance composition for much the same reason. Black pepper and pink pepper bring sparkling vibrancy, saffron a delicate warmth and exotic touch, clove and cinnamon a bright fiery edge.


This unique scent style brings the aroma of fine, fresh leather to our fragrances, achieved by such ingredients as leathery-smoky birch tar, tobacco or suede-like saffron, and they play on your own memory of what leather should smell like. These types of notes add warmth, plus a sensuous and luxury feel.


Our lively and fresh, ‘green’ style fragrances capture smells from nature. Think plant stems, stalks and torn leaves rather than flowers, it’s just the green-coloured parts! Plus, if you’ve ever sniffed the air after mowing the lawn, that’s green too, as are the more vegetal aromas such as moss.


As one of our founder’s favourite scent styles, you’ll find gourmand notes featuring front and centre as well as added as a subtle hint. These addictive, mouth-watering aromas that are almost edible, include the likes of coconut, creamy vanilla, almond, coffee and praline.


Bringing together warmth, sensuality, and a little sweetness, our oriental style fragrances focus on opulent flowers plus ingredients such as vanilla, patchouli, leather and Oudh wood. They feel luxurious and are longer lasting because of these bolder notes.


Fresh and uplifting, often green, clean and airy, herbs add a feeling of the refreshing outdoors as well bringing with them a variety of flavours. From zingy lemongrass and the aroma of torn mint leaves, to peppery sage and the smooth, sweet softness of lavender, find all of these and more in our herbs scent style.

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