Reframing Your Thoughts With Scent

Our relationship with scent is unique. It takes root in our rituals and entwines around our needs. Whether we’re in need of rejuvenation, relaxation or recollection, scent helps us to achieve clarity and connect with our innermost feelings.

Using scent to unwind is nothing new, but is it possible to blend fragrances that help us to feel renewed, restored and ready to tackle challenges in our daily lives?

The right scent can make all the difference in times when we need to free our mind from frazzled thoughts and encourage a flash of inspiration. By placing a diffuser or candle nearby, we’re often able to unleash creativity and reach our full potential.

If you’re looking to recharge your mind and declutter your thoughts, these are the notes to look for in your next home fragrance:


Awaken your confidence with this warming scent, reminiscent of an Early Grey tea. Bergamot oil is said to banish self-doubt and encourage hope.

We’ve blended bergamot oil with sandalwood, buttery coconut and fresh green leaves in our Tuberose Petals fragrance to create a soothing, dusky aroma perfect for taking you into the evening.


Fulfill your potential and enjoy a refreshing mood-boost with orange oil, known for its abilities to spark imaginative ideas and encourage feelings of joy.


When deadlines loom, use lemon to increase your focus and restore your energy. This scent is said to help clear your mind and banish mental fatigue.

Citrus scents are instantly recognisable, soaring like a butterfly from a chrysalis. Revitalise your senses with our Verbena Leaves fragrance, with notes of verbena, lemongrass and zest of chilled citrus.


Famously fresh and invigorating, peppermint can be used to stimulate the senses. Introduce it into your afternoon routine for increased energy and a perky mood.


Connect with your emotions and de-stress with lavender. This scent is said to open up your communication abilities, allowing you to articulate your feelings to those around you.  

Our soothing Gree Lavender offers a contemporary twist on Lavender fragrance, emitting a clean scent inspired by the freshness of an apothecary garden

Scent As a Creative Companion

If you’re taking on a creative project or you already use scent to enhance your creativity, let us know what you’re working on and tell us about your go-to scent for getting inspired.

September 01, 2017 by Tajinder Banwait

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