Re-Discover The Joy of Writing

As the art of writing a letter drifts away from our busy modern lifestyles, is it possible for the world to fall back in love with a slower way of sharing our thoughts and feelings?

From phone numbers hurriedly jotted down on napkin notes to leather-bound diaries spilling with secrets, there’s something deeply personal about savouring the handwritten words of another. In this journal entry we explore our intrinsic, emotive relationship with pen and paper to examine whether we can bring slow communication into our daily lives.

Writing as a Release

In the same way that scent helps us relive moods and memories, one glimpse of a distinctive scrawl or endearingly-smudged birthday card message can evoke thoughts of times gone by. We connect the words to the person, helping us to unlock our emotions and take a moment to reflect. This often leads to letters and postcards becoming some of our most treasured keepsakes.

When we’re the writer rather than the recipient, we’re able to express our emotions with greater clarity, generate ideas more quickly and improve our wellbeing. Writing down our thoughts shows a commitment to the way we feel and offers honesty and rawness that can’t be achieved any other way.


Writing as an Outlet

When you put pen to paper you’re asking your mind to slow down and consider one word at a time. Writing allows us to express ourselves authentically with no filter and helps improve the way we think. What begins as a release can evolve into an outlet for creativity – from the texture of the paper to the colour of the ink – writing is a complete sensory experience.

Even if you’re not an artist, handwriting can be your own art form. We’re inspired by this collection of illustrated letters curated by Another magazine, which shows how beautiful detail can come from even the simplest of letter formations.

Writing as a Remedy

With social media, 24-hour news and fast fashion, we often long for something less disposable. Our desire to connect with people on a deeper level is reflected by our love for the written word which requires us to unplug for a moment and focus on the present without distractions.

Unlike a text or tweet, a written message gives you one chance to say how you really feel on a page that can potentially be preserved for generations. Whether you’re looking to nurture a friendship or stay connected with a loved one, a handwritten letter creates an impact that lasts  – a welcome remedy in this fast-paced world.

Writing in the Right Environment

Getting your feelings down on paper can be therapeutic when your environment reflects your mood. Invigorate your senses by selecting a scent to burn while you write.

We can help with recommendations to help you unleash your emotions and write more effectively. Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to guide your scent journey. Happy writing.
April 07, 2018 by Tajinder Banwait

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