Perfume as a Lifestyle: Our Relationship With The 'Perfect' Scent

Our relationship with scent is ritualistic – like the way we dab perfume on our wrists each morning before we leave the house or how we reach for a favourite candle at the end of a long day. We form a deep bond with scent and as a result it manifests itself in key parts of our lives.

Scents can be different for each individual, which is why selecting the perfect fragrance is such a personal experience. In this journal entry, we’re exploring our relationship with scent to discover why we’re still striving to find the one:



Discovering your signature scent is comparable with falling in love. It can happen at any time of life and you know from the first moment it lingers in your mind. You become immersed in it.  

In the same way a well chosen outfit can introduce you to a room of people, a memorable perfume can help to distinguish you from others.

Similarly when we scent our homes, a harsh spray of alcoholic freshener lacks personality. For a softer approach that will set you apart, our unique scents are designed invoke feelings of warmth and peace. Our perfume alchemists are experts at layering scents so you find those unique notes that resonate with you and your home.



We’re able to vividly recall the perfume worn by the people who have shaped our lives – perhaps a parent or our first teacher. So when we reach adolescence and we adopt our own signature scents, we feel as though we have passed a personal milestone into adulthood. Togetherness and success feels like it’s just within reach.  

Rose is an timeless scent that always feels incredibly grown up, but often we relate to those older relations in our family circle. To help you put your own stamp on such an elegant fragrance, we’ve created two rose candles. Each has an individual twist that will stay will every visitor to your home, invoking those precious memories of their time with you.



Wanderlust and house prices are two key reasons why we tend not to stay in one place for too long. Research suggests that because of this, we’re more likely to treat ourselves to trend pieces rather than strip wallpaper.

Scent is one way you can put your stamp on somewhere that may just be home for a little while. Fragrancing your home with a diffuser ensures that no matter where you are, when you walk through the door it feels like yours.

A personal favourite of our founder Tajinder is Fig Tree. This sweet, rich scent is perfect for providing a feeling of security – open one of our diffusers and relax as the scent unfurls. You’ll find that the scent becomes part of your home and comforts you, rather than creating an overpowering perfume that fades quickly.



Inner calm is hard to achieve. Late trains and long meetings can keep us frazzled well into the evening. Scent acts as the ultimate soother especially when accompanied by your favourite record and cosiest knitwear.

As citrus scents are known for their mood-boosting properties, we recommend burning our Verbena Leaves candle mid-afternoon to encourage a natural endorphin rush. This will lift any flat feelings and help ease you into the evening.


Are You Still Searching For Your Signature Scent?

Finding the scent that defines you as a person can seem like a daunting task. Often this results in a rough selection of bottom-of-your-bag perfume samples or a cupboard full of candles that didn’t quite make the cut. Don’t lose hope, there are some ways to make this tricky task a little easier to manage:


Let The Scent Settle

Perfumes are formed of top, middle and base notes. In blends of florals, spices and resins you might miss scents that you aren’t so keen on in the initial few minutes. To fully experience a blended fragrance, keep a candle burning until the entire surface becomes liquid.


Try, try and try again

Instead of stocking up on samples, personalise your search. Get recommendations from friends or find the signature scent of someone you admire. To trial scents effectively, invest in a few to sample over a week. Make the process easier and save pennies by treating yourself to our range of 17g mini tea light candles – a steal at £5.00 each.


Complement Your Style

Scent should always act as a complementary finishing touch your style and personality. Achieve harmony through contrast – minimalist homes can be lifted by fresh, nature-inspired scents, while eclectic homes can be calmed by a classic fragrance.


A Personal Recommendation From Our Team

Our scents are crafted to enhance your mood or conjure soothing memories. If you’d like to relax and recharge or rejuvenate your senses, tweet us and we’ll reply with a bespoke recommendation from our range.

May 01, 2017 by Tajinder Banwait

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