Little Lifts For Your Home

Thoughtfully chosen decor is the bright paint to our home’s blank canvas. Selecting items for your home may seem trivial, but personalising our living space allows us to express our creativity and offers a welcome touch of frivolity in our busy lives.

Organic textiles, hand-cut bouquets and irresistible home fragrances – at Urban Apothecary we call them ‘little lifts’. Objects small enough that we can indulge in often but powerful enough to lift our spirits (particularly after a hectic day).

Little lifts are reflective of our personal aesthetic and give us the opportunity to set ourselves apart in terms of style. But this isn’t the only reason we’re such huge advocates. Searching for those objects less ordinary presents the opportunity to celebrate independent brands.

From chocolatiers to ceramicists, we’ve curated an essential list of artisanal goods that you won’t be able to resist adding to your home. Go on, you deserve it:


Crane Cookware

As a UK-born brand ourselves, there’s nothing that brings us more joy than well-crafted British goods such as Crane Cookware. From its signature matte black cast iron (the ultimate indication of quality) to its devastatingly good design, the range is a joy to have as pride of place in your kitchen.

Charlie May Home

While we dream of wearing head-to-toe Charlie May, it’s safer for our bank balance to indulge in her gloriously-minimal venture into homeware. Crafted from luxury alpaca in easy-to-style neutral tones – the ultimate cosy companion for late nights around the campfire when the embers cool and the air begins to chill.


Studio Chocolate

When Le Cordon Bleu trained Patisserie chef Ellie Wharrad visited Belgium, she had a flash of inspiration: create hand-painted chocolates that look almost too good to eat. From a studio in Nottingham (just down the road from us) she turns bite-sized chocolates into decadent mini-masterpieces, ideal for an exceptionally indulgent midweek treat.

If you’re a particularly passionate chocolate enthusiast, (who isn't?) book onto a course and channel your inner chocolatier.


Jono Smart

One of our favourite ceramicists describes his work sublimely:

“I want to make things that are used every day. Things that become part of daily routines and rituals. That become part of Sunday morning breakfasts, remind you of a friend, or get placed each night on a bedside table.”

Ceramics are one of our favourite little lifts. What we love most about Jono’s handcrafted wares are the simple clean lines, versatile shapes and comforting colours ranging from eggshell whites to dusky charcoals.


Swallows and Damsons

There’s nothing more calming to come home to than clusters of beautifully-arranged flowers adorning a windowsill. Sheffield-based florist Anna Potter creates visually stunning displays that we’re sure smell just as heavenly as they look. By combining opulent petals with smatterings of tiny buds and stems of teal foliage, Anna’s bouquets resemble works of art.


Seek out a new favourite and treat yourself… and why not tell us about it too?

October 13, 2017 by Tajinder Banwait

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