In Praise of Small Spaces

Spacious apartments, quaint cottages, forever homes and homes-for-now. What do they all have in common?

Nooks, crannies and cosy corners.

We adorn them with greenery and trinkets or fill them with piles of tatty novels we will get around to reading eventually. Sometimes overlooked or unloved, but treasured when discovered, these quiet spaces help us to unwind and reveal a little more of our personality to all who visit.

Perhaps there’s a spot in your home where you love to listen to your favourite album. Or maybe there’s a room where your calligraphy just looks better when you practice in there?

This journal entry is a celebration of these joyous little places where we can retreat from the world, and the importance they have on our wellbeing and peace of mind. Small spaces are a gift: look after them, enhance them, create them.


A calm space that feels like yours is a rare attainable luxury in a fast-paced world and an important part of personalising your home. But what does ‘personal space’ mean to you?

A rustic writing shed, the floor littered with paper thoughts or perhaps a worn armchair you sink into after a busy week. There’s no perfect recipe for a cosy corner (size or space play no part) – they’re simply defined by their purpose. 

It’s utterly empowering to boldly claim a corner where you can indulge in your passion, whether that’s writing or painting ceramics. Similarly, carving out a space where you can switch off from a long day is the ultimate act of self care.

Each and every corner of your home has the potential to be thoughtfully transformed into a space of purpose. Prop a soft cushion by a corner or use a bookcase to cleverly divide living and reading spaces. A simple setup is all that’s needed to create a miniature urban haven.



After purpose comes character, which can be achieved through well-chosen textiles. A place created to soothe needs to be completely sensory – think wicker chairs contrasted with fur throws and cosy blankets.

Next, cleanse the air with calming plants to encourage relaxation. Aloe vera is revered for its oxygen-boosting properties while peace lilies and English ivy can help to keep the air pure.

Snug spaces can also be used to combat clutter and streamline the aesthetic of your home. Unexpected places such as under the stairs and the top of the landing are perfect hideaways for your most treasured possessions.

Then Add a Little Ambience

Scent is the ultimate welcome into a cosy corner, offering a winding road to relaxation or creative rejuvenation, depending on your mood. To add scent to your small space, we recommend considering purpose above all else:

Green Lavender to soothe and clear the sense

Rose Voile to comfort and calm

Smoked Leather to complement meditation

Verbena Leaves to refresh and revitalise

The beauty of a small space or hidden corner is the endless possibility for personalisation and change. With a travel candle, fragrances can be matched to your mood and stored when not in use, allowing you the freedom to express yourself through scent in a truly unique way.

Alternatively, a consistent scent works like an old friend – there to greet you warmly when you’re in need of refuge. If you prefer the embrace of a familiar fragrance use a diffuser to create a signature ambience that absolutely feels like home.


Share Your Secret Space With Us

Tell us where you feel most at home and we’ll tell you how to perfectly scent it.

August 07, 2017 by Tajinder Banwait

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