Fragrance-Inspired Dishes For Summer Nights

As the evenings grow warmer, we become liberated from our usual evening rituals. We start to crave midweek alfresco dining as a way sneakily soak up every last ray of sun before the evening creeps in.

Fresh flavours accompanied by the clinking of glasses and the laughter of friends makes for a deliciously laidback evening. And having a few ‘old favourites’ ready in your recipe scrapbook makes for an even more relaxed vibe.

Scent-rich dishes play a key part in creating a warm ambience that will guarantee your home becomes the go-to place for a back garden gatherings. Aromatic scents in the breeze signal the start of summer (and perhaps a couple of weeks where we can relax and recharge).

Inspired by some of our favourite scents from the new range, we’ve cherry-picked a selection of flavourful recipes to make up the fragrance family for your next evening get-together:


Start With…An Authentic Caprese Salad

The perfect complement to lighter evenings is rustic ingredients thoughtfully prepared. The tang of a ripe tomato enhanced by the enticing scent of basil is one of life’s simple luxuries. We like this recipe by Bon Appetit.


Tuck Into…A Traditional Kabsa

Arabian dishes offer the ultimate in aromatic cooking. With pepper, cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg, a Kabsa is a truly indulgent dining experience.

This satisfying rice and chicken dish has home-cooking and tradition at its heart, so serve it simply in the middle of the table. Your guests won’t be able to resist helping themselves again and again.

Refresh With…Lavender Lemonade

An instant soother, lavender’s calming properties make it a favourite flavour for those airless summer nights. When infused with lemonade, it also makes a welcome (if a little unexpected) drinks companion.

This cooling concoction requires some extra prep time, but is so worth it for that sweet first sip.

Our tip? Add a little honey for an extra buzz.


Indulge With…Rosewater Meringues

Rose is perhaps the most intoxicating scent of all. As a scent, it has a rich history of elegance and indulgence.

Injecting it into dainty meringues is ingenious, not to mention a welcome taste of sweetness after a long day. To add an Instagram-able twist, shape them like this.


And Finally…

Ease into a late evening with cosy cushions, throws and flickering candles – just drop us a tweet and we can help you with scent recommendations.

The only thing left to decide is who gets to control the Spotify playlist.

June 26, 2017 by Tajinder Banwait

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