Petrichor Luxury Diffuser

250g | £35.00

Petrichor is named after the odour of soil in the air after rain. This scent with pleasant, persuasive force demands attention. Even in city locations with minimal plant life, after a shower of rain and the amplified aroma that follows, it’s as if the scent of country gardens emerges from concrete and steel.

Capturing the idea of earthy notes seamlessly blended with those that are pure and clean, Petrichor is unexpectedly harmonious. This aquatic, woody fragrance challenges the senses by transporting the scent of the fresh outdoors inside. Earthy aromas of peat and patchouli encased in a melon-toned aquatic accord, are like water droplets rising in the breeze. These deep, sensual aromas balanced with the sweet scent of fresh rain are both natural and magical.

+ Product Information

This luxury diffuser is hand poured in England by skilled artisans. Our contemporary aluminium tins combined with the perfect blend of fragrance creates a scented expression that will infuse interiors with luxurious scent for approximately 12 weeks.

+ Notes

Top: Ozone, Melon, Watery, Soil
Heart: Earthy, Floral Ozone
Base: Patchouli, Woody, Peat, Amber

+ Ingredients

Contains Benzyl Salicylate, 2,4-Dimethyl-3-Cyclohexen-1-Carboxaldehyde, A-Methyl-1,3-Benzodioxole-5-Propionaldehyde.

+ Diffusion Time

Approx. 12 Weeks

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